About me

I have been working continuously as an art therapist since 1994.

I am registered with the H.C.P.C. (Health and Care Professions Council), which is a legal requirement to work as an art therapist in the UK.

I have a rolling DBS verification for work with children and vulnerable adults. My public liability insurance covers me for work as an artist in health, art therapy, art therapy online and supervision.

After attaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, I worked in a residential school for young people on the Autistic spectrum. My interest in the evident therapeutic aspects of art-making inspired me to qualify as an art therapist at St Albans College of Art and Design.

Being a practising artist is very important to my work as an art therapist, for me, they are linked, as one seems to ignite the other.

Liz Derbyshire

Key Skills

  • The ability to create a calm, non-judgmental and safe creative environment where the art medium can be explored.
  • The experience to know when to be directive during the session and when to follow the child, young person or adult at their pace.
  • The ability to discern when the art process and image created render spoken words unnecessary.
  • In a school setting, the ability to unobtrusively facilitate the art-making process when necessary. It is very important for children to leave the session with heightened self esteem and hope.
  • Many years positive experience of working as part of a team for the students best interest in schools.
  • Continued passion and belief in the power of art-making and how it can lead to positive change for children and adults within the triage of art, therapist and child or adult.
  • A continued child’s sense of wonder and propensity for exploratory play.
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