Art therapy online

You will need:

  • A quiet space
  • Internet access
  • Access to Zoom or Skype

Message me if you would prefer another channel, for example email or WhatsApp.

You do not need to consider yourself good at art, but if you are reading this, it seems you have an interest in the arts. Perhaps you might prefer talking in a visually descriptive way – painting a picture with your mind.

If you decide you would like to explore your creative side through art-making, materials and paper of your choice would be required.

From experience, if you are thinking of drawing with a pencil, a dark one would be easier to see when you hold the image up to the camera.

Expressive art therapy groups are conducted with the aim of igniting the artist within. A time for connection and creative solace from every day negative emotional hiccups.

Art Therapy Online (Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels)

What the art therapist will provide:

Imagination, to look with you at whatever is worrying you currently and, using established art therapeutic tools, invite you to reassess it and have a different perspective, so that you might gain insight and see there is the possibility for change.

Gentle exploring of negative behaviours that might have arisen from life changing situations to do with loss in relationships, bereavement, anxiety, stress, depression and low self-esteem.

A chance to understand, with the help of imagery, either through art making or verbal pictorial description, what might be stopping you making constructive changes.

Encouragement of your unique artistic self so that you can feel empowered to express creatively.

An opportunity to ignite the artist within and enable you to feel confident in your ability to create.

Circle Art Therapy Painting
Expressive art painting
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