Art therapy sessions

Introductory short meeting is free.

£60 per 50 minute session.

Concessions for students over 18 – get in touch.

Others with financial constraints – get in touch.

Pricing for schools

Introductory meeting is free.

There might be discounts available dependent on location.

Academic year
One 6 hour day per week for 39 weeks – £11,700
15 sessions of one 6 hour day per week – £4,950

A typical art therapy school day
Either 6 one-to-one sessions.
or 3 one-to-one sessions and a small group of no more than 4 students.
(School day can be flexible – get in touch).

The art therapist will provide most art materials for one-to-one work, but might need a small budget to cover other art costs depending on the student’s artistic requirements or if you choose to have a weekly group.

If you choose to have some expressive art workshops for mental health well-being or other, the cost of art materials would be on top of this but sometimes unwanted art equipment or other materials can be recycled.

A termly concise review of sessions and attendance will be provided to the school.